Our work is incredibly varied so here is a helpful guide to the services we can provide.


Felling is the complete removal of trees or hedges. Felling of larger trees or hedges in residential areas usually requires climbing by an arborist and dismantling in smaller pieces to increase safety and minimise impact to the surrounding environments. We also carry out felling in woodlands where trees can be felled from ground level and cleared quickly allowing for swift clearance or management of woodlands and copses.


Reductions of trees and hedges involves removing a certain percentage or meterage of growth from the outside of a tree or the top of a hedge. Trees and hedges can be reduced for a number of reasons from increasing light into gardens and homes, to reducing the risk of failure from trees or their branches in close proximity to people or buildings while retaining the tree. Even small trees and hedges can be formatively pruned to improve their shape and increase their aesthetic value.


Thinning of trees is a method where a certain percentage of the internal (crown thin) or external (tip thin) branches of a tree are removed. This can improve light into gardens or buildings, or reduce the sail area of a tree and its likelihood of failure in windy conditions. While in some cases not as effective as a reduction, it can improve or alleviate certain problems with less aesthetic change to the trees form.


Lifting trees involves removing parts of branches or entire branches from the bottom of the crown to ‘lift’ the underside and create more space and height under the tree. This can improve light directly under the tree and also gives more headroom for people or vehicles to pass safely below.

Deadwooding and Crown Cleaning

Deadwooding is carried out on trees to remove all significant dead branches from the crown to either improve aesthetics or minimise the risk of damage or injury from falling deadwood. Crown cleaning involves the inspection and removal of problem branches such as those in decline, with damage such as splitting or those that cross or rub other limbs or stems. These are usually performed together where a reduction or thin is unnecessary to improve the safety or aesthetic of the crown without the need to remove larger percentages of living branches.

Hedge Cutting

We cut hedges and shrubs of all shapes and sizes to keep your garden looking good. If your hedge has got out of hand we can cut the sides back harder and reduce the top in height to get it back into shape!

Installations and Bracing

We can also provide climbing services to install a number of various items into trees. Sometimes where trees have a weak or included union between two stems or a stem and a branch, a bracing system can be used to reduce the likelihood of failure without the need for pruning or removing the tree. We can also install things like lighting or Christmas lights, bat and bird boxes, security or wildlife cameras or even dummy bird scarers.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the removal of tree stumps using a grinder to break the stump down into small mulch material. This is an efficient and effective way to remove stumps and ensure they don’t re-grow.


We can supply and plant a vast range of tree or hedge species from whips to young trees, either to replace any that have been removed or to introduce more trees into your garden or install new hedges.


We can supply and install or repair a range of fencing including domestic and livestock